Call it, if you like, "animalcide"

Posted on October 07, 2014 in Viewpoints

Matteo Brogi: Call it, if you like,

I do not make a philological question, whether it is right or not to rape the Italian language up to these limits. I am concerned about the consequences of these ideological linguistic acrobatics are passion in the Western culture. I am concerned about the development of theories like anti-speciesism, summarized as the doctrine that "rejects the one based on species, arguing that the mere fact of belonging to a species other than human does not ethically justify the right to dispose of the life, liberty and the work of a sentient being. The anti-speciesists struggle to ensure that the interests of "non-human animals" -other definition worthy of a laugh- are considered so fundamental as those of humans, trying to deconstruct and rebuild human society on ecocentric bases not to cause unnecessary suffering, and therefore avoidable, to other species and the planet." I am concerned about that widespread feeling of appeasement to a culture that has lost sight of the man and, perhaps, his spirit, and seeks to undermine the principles of our civilization. I am concerned about the intolerants in the name of tolerance. I am concerned that this intellectual short circuit is destroying our civilization. I am concerned about those who put animals on the same level of human beings. But then I go hunting and cheer up.

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