Interview with Giulia Taboga, Franchi testimonial

Posted on April 14, 2015 in Interviews

Matteo Brogi: Interview with Giulia Taboga, Franchi testimonial

The mission of the "new" Franchi - whose production plant, meanwhile, has been moved to Urbino within the complex that already houses Benelli Armi - is to make the hunter an integral part of the natural environment and the protagonist of his/her passion. To communicate it, Franchi has chosen a very modern approach and gave to few testimonials the responsibility to represent the philosophy of this new course. One such testimonial is Giulia Taboga who, in addition to being the face of many marketing campaigns, lives this "natural harmony" in every moment of the day. In this interview to Shooting Log, Giulia explains the reasons of her passion and commitment to Franchi and hunting in general.

The first question is a must, even if granted ... how did you come to hunt and what it represents for you?
Unlike most young hunters, the passion for the art of hunting wasn't passed down from my parents to me; unfortunately, the only hunter of my family was my great grandfather from whom I inherited only a side-by-side and some old photographs. The passion for nature, for animals, for outdoor sports and the hunter instinct are innate and I discovered all of them in myself. Since very young I always preferred playing in the garden with my dogs and I refused every invitation from my classmates who seemed to be interested only in dolls... These habits led me to have more male friends than female. If today I am a hunter is thanks to my neighbors who allowed me to accompany them, along with their children, during their hunting adventures. Finally, when 20, I have fulfilled my dream becoming a hunter in all respects.

What does it mean "responsible hunting" to you, what are the values you want to convey with your activity?
Unfortunately, non-hunters associate to our passion only the killing of animals without knowing its true meaning. It is not important to end a hunting day with many preys, it is important to appreciate the whole outline. The true hunter is someone who loves all the little things that this wonderful passion can give and, when the hunting season is closed, deals with census, feeding, protection of endangered species, maintenance and cleaning of the woods and offers the contribute to the prevention and control of carriers of rabies and much more.

What does it mean to be a huntress in a world predominantly masculine?
Even if I spend most of my time in the outdoors it does not mean that I neglect, indeed, I look after my physical appearance and I like to take care of myself. I think a woman can be smart even with a rifle on her shoulder and a pair of boots on!
Hunting leads us to experience nature, to adopt a healthy lifestyle both in physical activity that nutrition. This for me is a passion and has a special place in my life, but I have many other interests such as tennis, horse riding, dogs, traveling, cooking, evenings with friends and, like all women, shopping.

What is your relationship with weapons?
Initially my parents were quite concerned to see me handle shotguns and rifles, they changed their minds when they realized that I was, and still are, very responsible and prudent; I care my personal safety and the safety of others. My hunting companions sometimes make fun of me saying I'm too fussy, but in my opinion the foresight is never enough in this case.

And, finally... why Franchi?
I gladly accepted to begin a partnership with this company, which has already lasted for three years, because it fully embraces my principles and ideals of a young huntress. I consider myself lucky because this allowed me to make my hobby into a business.

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