The SHOT Show in 20 photos

Posted on February 09, 2015 in On assignment

Matteo Brogi: The SHOT Show in 20 photos

Although the SHOW is a typically American phenomenon, difficult to replicate in Europe, it is the most important public event in the field of sport guns. 2015 has officially sanctioned the overcoming of the economic crisis of the New Continent. Many the innovations, numerous the innovations to witness a ferment that bodes well for the future.


Beretta M9A3

Coonan Classic .357 Magnum

Korth Sky Marshal 9 mm

Iver Johnson Arms Eagle LR Zombie .45 ACP

Taurus Curve .380 ACP

Remington 1911/380 Black Label .380 ACP

Glock 40 MOS - Modular Optic System 10 mm Auto



Ashbury Precision Ordnance SPR K1 .308 Winchester

Stag Arms 9TL 9 mm

Daniele Defense M4A1

Osprey Armament prototype

Springfield ArmoryM1 Garand


Benelli 828U

Remington V3

Standard Manufacturing DP-12

Chiappa Triple Crown

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