Looking for the best G.S.A. (gun, sight, and ammunition) setup

Posted on November 18, 2014 in Books & magazines

Matteo Brogi: Looking for the best G.S.A. (gun, sight, and ammunition) setup

Last September I took part in an event organized for the press by three primary brands in the field of hunting guns and related accessories: JP Sauer & Sohn for rifles, Leica for optics, Hornady for ammunition. Three brands who do not usually sell crap but substance and are placed, rightly, in the high range of the respective categories. The occasion of this meeting - which was held in Glenborrodale, Scotland - was to present a series of new products and, above all, to test them on the field during a pleasant contour traditional red deer hunting.

Rain, fog, wind were the corollary to this hunting adventure making the context more interesting. It's easy (and useless, in my opinion) to judge rifle and ammunition at the range. There, one can shoot in ideal conditions to test the equipment but everything is so distant from hunting reality. In the field, more than a wonderful 5-shot-group got on the rest count the "subjective" qualities of the rifle, the familiarity the hunter has with the system, the confidence gained with his tools. Details make the difference when it comes to finalize the hunting action.

In Scotland I could rely on the performance of the latest version of the S 101 Sauer bolt action combined with a Leica ERi 2,5-10x42 scope and Hornady GMX monolithic ammunition. The triptych weapon-optic-ammo is extremely significant for the successful conclusion of a stalk hunting.

The perfect combination probably does not exists but it is undeniable that a simplistic attitude in evaluating the combination of these three components of the system can hardly produce more than satisfactory results. On the occasion of this hunting, I had the opportunity to work and achieve a system close to perfection.

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