James Bradburne, Director General of Palazzo Strozzi © Matteo Brogi

James Bradburne, Director General of Palazzo Strozzi


Portraits of readings is a project and then an exhibition devoted to reading which draws a selection of well-known figures from Italian and British culture, each one representing a particular area of public life in Italy and the UK. The series of photos represents an immense psychological portrait, in which the books speak for the readers, saying more about them than a traditional photographic portrait of the reader could. The project, devised by Matteo Brogi, was part of "Ottobre, piovono libri", an initiative organised by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities to promote reading and libraries and was on display in two different locations: The Harold Acton Library of the British Institute of Florence and Palazzo Strozzi's Agora | Z Gallery. The project is still in progress.

© Matteo Brogi