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Le pistole Glock - second edition

Posted on November 13, 2020 in Books & magazines

Matteo Brogi: Le pistole Glock - second edition

Glock is a brand that in its DNA brings resourcefulness, innovative intuitions, entrepreneurial genius that have made it a very successful company, not only in the pistol sector. Collecting the material for the first edition was not an easy job, reaching the sources to obtain original and unpublished papers almost impossible, but we managed to trace a history of the character, the company and the Glock pistols that until then was missing, not only in Italian language. Since the date of the first publication, many things have changed: models, families, generations that distinguish the Glock pistols have increased and innovations have been introduced that were beyond the imagination only six years ago, such as blowback and roto-translating locking systems.
In 2021 we celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the marketing of the first Glock. These 40 years speak of the global success of an unknown Austrian engineer who, trusting in himself and in his imagination, was able to establish himself in the limelight of industrial history of the twentieth century, subverting consolidated hierarchies and changing the perspectives of a product on which he was believed to be all said.
This second edition of 100 pages - edited like the first by Matteo Brogi - required an impressive work of updating the data initially collected. Alongside the commercial news, it was necessary to dig through a mass of press releases, newspaper articles, rumors that have never been confirmed and put in place all the knowledge to return the current state of the company and its considerable production. We are convinced that we have succeeded and that this work will constitute a point of reference, rigorous in its treatment but easily usable, for anyone wishing to find out about Glock and its creations.