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Bolt action, the special issue

Posted on November 13, 2020 in Books & magazines

Matteo Brogi: Bolt action, the special issue

The bolt action system represents the most important and widespread interpretation of a manual repeating rifle. Its intrinsic structural characteristics make it an extremely precise tool both for tactical shooting and for sports and hunting. Today the commercial offer is extremely wide and ranges between cheap products - which in an often "poor" vest are however able to guarantee good performance - and ambitious models, characterized by fine finishes and mechanical choices, materials and finishes that enhance the performance and aesthetic value of the tool.
The special is divided into an introductory section in which the history, the technical and operating characteristics and the market trends of the segment are briefly recalled and then gives space to the current commercial offer through tests carried out by the journalists of Editoriale C&C (Matteo Brogi for hunting guns, Giuliano Cristofani, Fabio Ferrari and Gianluigi Guiotto for those intended for long-range sport shooting). The monograph concludes with a section presenting the most important innovations launched at the 2020 sector fairs (SHOT Show, HIT and IWA).