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The photographer's portray - Part I

Posted on November 19, 2014 in Books & magazines

Matteo Brogi: The photographer's portray - Part I

The occasion of this meeting - which was held at Glenborrodale Castle, Scotland - was to present a series of new products and, above all, to test them in the field. Rain, fog, wind were the corollary to this hunting adventure, making the experience more interesting to test the new .308 Winchester S 101 Select Sauer rifle, the Leica ERi 2,5-10x42 scope, the bino -telemeter Geovid HD-R 8x42 and Hornady GMX Superformance 150 grain ammo.
The hunting action took place in the traditional stalking way, preferring a slow approach to the animal and taking advantage of the Highlands morphology, a succession of small ridges and shallow valleys. The approach is a maneuver that takes time and is done with the help of a stalker, an expert guide. It is an experience of collaboration between two people, both committed to give the best of themselves. In these moments, the relationship with the stalker becomes almost intimate, a team game in which no one is indispensable, but all are needed to finalize the action. Then, when the hunter reaches the firing position, he remains alone with his responsibility, the adrenaline that sweeps away the fatigue, the heavy breathing and the heart that frantically pumps blood.

Cover photo by Charlie Sainsbury-Plaice. Opening photo by Simon K Barr.